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Eneroid 電池自動充電器

相信許多人都有使用過AA充電電池的經驗,但如果是大量使用充電電池的使用者,可能經常會被忘記充電、計算充電時間、忘記取下充飽電池等問題苦惱。ENEROID自動電池充電器就是為了解決這項問題而設計,只要把一堆電池放進上方的槽,它就會自動充好電並把充好的電池集中存放。ENEROID Plus 版令設有USB插槽輸出,更能提供可充電池種類包括鎳氫,鎳鎘,鹼性電池,而且不只限充電式電池。


型號: Eneroid plus+ Deluxe  / Eneroid plus+ Basic

兼容性: 可充電AA電池(鎳氫,鎳鎘,鹼性)

尺寸: 9厘米×12厘米×21厘米

重量: 970克  / 920克

直流輸入: DC 12V 2A

充電時間: 約1小時(4粒電池)

充電容量: 超過20個電池

顏色: 黑與白

USB充電: 5V 2A x 1,5V 1A x 2 (只適用EN20DP型號)

時鐘:12小時顯示 (只適用EN20DP型號)

This piece of technology can store and charge AA batteries with a click of a button. This innovative AA battery charger has quick charge and automatic storing system.

Use AA Batteries the moment you need them.

The fully charged batteries will be in the battery storage. Just take them out whenever you need it.

Put on the drained batteries without polarity.

Drained batteries can be placed in the stand-by room  without the polarity. The stand-by room can fit 20 batteries with ease. With a click of a button, the batteries in the stand-by room will be quick-charged in order.

The easiest way to use batteries

It does not need to insert the battery like a regular charger to charge the battery. The rechargeable batteries will never lose. Fully-charged batteries not mix with dead batteries.  With a simple push of a button, when you need batteries, you can get it.

Even Alkaline Batteries

Eneroid cares about the environment.

About 1 billion alkaline batteries are being thrown away around the world a year and most of them are buried in the ground causing the environment pollution. About 3 million batteries are thrown away every day. The battery that is thrown away after being used only one time causes an economic damage and brings on enormous disaster to the earth.