Keep your lens caps clean, safe & convenient. Great camera accessories for all photographers. Clever and simple, lens cap holder for the active photographer. We also have quality camera straps with built in lens cap clip. The strap that keeps the cap!

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No more looking for your lens cap! Keep your lens cap clean and dry. Clip your cap, use the Original lens cap clip; the S clip for sling style staps, or the new hufa V lens cap clip for larger lens caps.

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Easily attaches to camera straps and bags and backpacks. Full line of products including individual lens wet wipes; lens cap clips for standard camera straps of 1.5" and for 1" straps with ( the S type lens cap clip) best for sling straps, camera bags, and camera back packs for photography accessories.

International Camera Accessories, founder of the hüfa lens cap clip, was founded in 2010 by 2 cousins; one a professional photographer and the other a successful businessman.

The hüfa lens cap clip (flagship in their product line) solved a problem that has plagued photographers for years – what to do with your camera lens cap when not in use. No more replacement lens caps!

Thus, the hüfa was born. With offices in Portland, Oregon, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Beijing, our presence is being felt world wide.

Since then, we have added almost a dozen styles and products of camera acessories including new lens cap clips, camera straps and camera lens wipes to the hüfa line and are continuing to grow every year. We strive to get our photography products in front of leaders in the industry as well as end users via online camera and photography based social media. We also attend and display at the largest photography trade shows in the world including Photokina, Germany, PhotoPlus, New York, and CES, Las Vegas.

We have a growing domestic retail presence with over 100 photography outlets as well as many international partners represented including Japan, Germany, Korea, Israel, the UK, France, Russia, South Africa, Australia and many more on the horizon.