Choetech – Thunderbolt 3 2米USB-C 數據線(支援40Gbps/100W 充電和支持 5K UHD 顯示)



✅40Gbps 數據傳輸


✅支持 5K 超高清顯示器

✅主動式 Thunderbolt 3 數據線兼容性


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✅40Gbps 數據傳輸

Thunderbolt 3 USB C 數據線可以在兩個 Thunderbolt 設備之間以高達 40 Gbps 的驚人速度傳輸數據。讓您連接到 Thunderbolt 3 插口,將視頻和數據傳輸到Thunderbolt 設備。


提供高達 100W (5A/20V) 的電力傳輸,為您的手提電腦充電。使用這款經過認證的數據線,為您的 Thunderbolt 3 設備安全供電和充電。

✅支持 5K 超高清顯示器

與兼容系統和 Thunderbolt 3 配件一起使用時,支持雙全 4K @60 Hz 顯示器甚至 5K 顯示器。 Choetech 有源 Thunderbolt 3 數據線非常適合連接具有驚人分辨率、對比度和色深的顯示器,以驚人的細節查看您的照片、視頻、應用程序和文本。

✅主動式 Thunderbolt 3 數據線兼容性

兼容 LG UltraFine 5K 顯示器、2016-2018 Macbook Pro、2017 iMac、2017 iMac Pro、Windows Thunderbolt 3 筆記本電腦和 PC、Thunderbolt 3 擴展塢、存儲和外圍設備。 (重要提示:對於 Intel Thunderbolt 規格,主動式 Thunderbolt 3 線纜不支持原生 DP 交替模式和 USB3.1 Gen1 & Gen2 模式)


✅Long Thunderbolt 3 Cable-Intel’s Certified

This active Thunderbolt 3 cable has been tested to abide by the Thunderbolt standards provided by Intel regarding durability and sustained functionality. And it is fully Thunderbolt 3 compatible.

✅40Gbps Data Transfer

The Thunderbolt 3 USB C cable can transfer data at up to a staggering speed of 40 Gbps between twoThunderbolt devices. Let you connect to Thunderbolt 3 port to deliver video and data to your Thunderbolt devices.

✅100W Charging

Deliver up to 100W (5A/ 20V) of power delivery to charge your laptop. And safely power and charge only your Thunderbolt 3 devices with this certified cable.

✅Support A 5K UHD Display

Support dual full 4K @60 Hz displays or even a 5K display when used with compatible systems and Thunderbolt 3 accessories. Choetech active Thunderbolt 3 cable is perfect for connecting displays with astonishing resolution, contrast and color depth to see your photos, videos, applications and text with amazing detail.

✅Active Thunderbolt 3 Cable Compatibility

Compatible with LG UltraFine 5K Display, 2016-2018 Macbook Pro, 2017 iMac, 2017 iMac Pro, Windows Thunderbolt 3 Laptop & PCs, Thunderbolt 3 Docking Stations, Storage and Peripheral Devices. (Important Note: For the specification of Intel Thunderbolt, active Thunderbolt 3 cable doesn’t support native DP alternate mode and USB3.1 Gen1 & Gen2 mode)



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