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Black Edition (BE)

Black Edition (BE)

Intro of Black Edition Pro

Mobile-Catch is causing a new evolution for future musician and artist

Almost everyone has wished for having extra pair of hands at some point.Mobile-Catch® is the solution. This extremely versatile product from Mobile-Catch® has endless applications and will certainly become one of most valued tools.

CAPO for acoustic, electric, classical guitars with mounting all smartphone/iPad/GoPro

Black Edition Pro has some brand new evolutions on material, rod head, and phone holder of product. Black Edition Pro is a heavy duty portable hands-free mounting system for hand device. The ideal of designs has the same approximate grip range as a human hand. Attach your smartphone, camera, GoPro® or similar light weight device on almost any flat, rounded or uneven surfaces, and secure a handy device in portrait and landscape, with rotation in 360° degrees. The Black Edition Pro can be mounted to any surface on your kayak, boat, motorcycle, aircraft, desk, wheelchair, headrest or any other location where you simply need an extra hand.

Applied to all wooden music instruments including piano, trumpet, drums, saxo, microphone, etc

The black edition pro not only can be mounted any surfaces but also can be using on guitar as capo. Let Black Edition Pro be the unique product for musician.

Applications of Black Edition Pro

Features of Black Edition Pro

  • ATTACHED ON ANY SURFACE : Can be mounted to any surface on your kayak, boat, motorcycle, aircraft, desk, wheelchair, headrest or any location where you simply need an extra hand.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION : 360°, including vertical flip and side rotation. Adjust your phone to any angle and position.
  • EASY INSTALLION & REMOVAL : Easy installation and removal, no tools required
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY : The Black Edition Pro passed a wide range of tests, fit for virtually any iPhone, Samsung, Note, android Smart phone GPS devices, Tablet, DSLR.
  • RUBBERS CUSTOMIZED : Your own favorite color by self-changing soft rubbers.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN : Imitation the same grip range as a human hand.
  • SURFACES PROTECTION : With softener rubbers to protect your vulnerable surfaces, such as musical instruments, luxury furniture, woods……etc.
  • GUITAR CAPO : Long flat finger can be using as a guitar capo.
  • Accessories : sport band, extension rod, ball head, professional ball head, tablet holder and so on.

Product Specs of Black Edition Pro

Length 24cm Weight 130g
Max loading from neck 6kg Catch clamp opening 0~9cm
Phone sheath opening 8.5cm Connecting link size 6.35mm
(universal standard size)

Price: HK$368.00