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King of Kings (KOK)

King of Kings (KOK)

King of Kings Intro

America’s smallest but strongest grip, awarded patent invention, No.1 of the world

People are exhausted to bring heavy equipment to take a photo or to record a short video while going out for a lunch, a trip, a tour, or anywhere you will go. King of kings is the solution to help you out the issue. King of kings is the perfect mounting base for quick and easy tool-less installation and removal on any surfaces. Ideal made for mounting tablets, action cameras, smartphones, rod holders and much more in wide variety of applications.

Amazing tool in all photographic show, outdoor expo, musician and artist performance

Also, King of Kings is the most durable and heavy duty on portable hand-free mounting system. Attach your smartphone, camera, GoPro® or similar light weight device on almost any flat, rounded or uneven surfaces, and secure a handy device in portrait and landscape, with rotation in 360° degrees. It can be mounted to any surface on your kayak, boat, motorcycle, aircraft, desk, wheelchair, headrest or any other location where you simply need an extra hand. The important matter is the weight extremely light and the material of product is exceptionally durable.

King of Kings Applications

Features of King of kings

  • DURABLE MATERIALS : The strongest & the most powerful clamp ever.
  • ATTACHED ON ANY SURFACE : Can be mounted to any surface on your kayak, boat, motorcycle, aircraft, desk, wheelchair, headrest or any location where you simply need an extra hand.
  • STURDY & SECURE : The clamp comes with 3 rubberized clip to keep your handy device securely attached to your bicycle, built-in anti-slip pads on the clamps keep it shockproof.
  • SUPER HEAVY DUTY : Extreme steady for loading a professional camera with heavy lenses up to 60 kg in total weight.
  • STANDABLE : Lowering its center of gravity so it can firmly stand on table.
  • OUTDOOR EXCELLENCE : Extreme sports, underwater activities and any other outdoor activities with strong anti-shack under motion design.
  • 6 Full ROTATION : Including vertical flip and side rotation. Adjust your device to any angle and position.
  • BROAD COMPATIBILITY : The King of Kings passed a wide range of tests, fit for virtually any iPhone, Samsung, Note, android Smart phone, GPS, GoPro, DSLR Camera, tablet and other handy devices.
  • PATENTS : US\EU\JP\KR\TW Patents.
  • ODM, OEM available.
  • Accessories : sport band, extension rod, ball head, professional ball head, enforced ball head, tablet holder and so on.

Product Specs of King of kings

Length 20cm Weight 153g
Max loading from neck 60kg Catch clamp opening 0~7cm
Phone sheath opening 8.5cm Connecting link size 6.35mm
(universal standard size)

Price: HK$398.00